Saturday, July 2, 2011

Indigara by Tanith Lee

No Spoilers.

Author: Tanith Lee
Year of Publication: 2007
Genre: Science Fiction, Futuristic Fiction
Pages: 195
First Line: "Otis's Diskript

The problem was that on that day I was supposed to go in for my half-yearly service appointment."

Summary: Welcome to Indigara . . . a strangely familiar, strangely hypnotic world.

Jet and her robot dog, Otis, have been taken with Jet's two sisters -- one of whom has a role in the latest Super-Movie -- to their planet's film capital, Ollywood. Jet and Otis are soon plunged into the mysterious underworld that lurks below the studios and lots. Here lies the beautiful and sinister other-where if Indigara, which has spontaneously generated from the sets, costumes, models, and actual celluloid of fantasy and SF pilot movies that never got made into series. Even while girl and dog try to survive the dangers and terrors below, their Indigaran mirror images have replaced them, and are running amok in the real world above. . . .

Source: Back/Inside of book

Review: All-in-all, I found this book to be too vague. I had a hard time understanding what was going on. The idea was interesting, but it was not executed in a way that made me really into the book, which was frustrating, especially given its shortness. I was also frustrated to learn that Indigara is not pronounced the way you might expect, which took me out of the story, especially when the name was mentioned. I liked Otis' character a lot, but something about him seemed missing. Many of the characters were like that -- likable or interesting, but missing something. I would probably not recommend this book, however I know Tanith Lee has written 80 novels (as of 2007) and various other pieces, so it's possible this one was a fluke.

Worst part: The vagueness of the writing.

Best part: Otis.

Grade: C-

Other Books by This Author: Not going to list these, but there is a list found at the beginning of the copy of this book in the edition I read.

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