Monday, March 12, 2012

Karla and Kinsey Book Review: Part II

Legend by Marie Lu

Review by Kinsey Manchester

4.5/5 stars

15-year-old Day is one of the most wanted criminals in a futuristic country known as the Republic, a nation constantly fighting with its neighboring nation, the Colonies. Day lives his life on the streets, countlessly robbing, vandalizing and generally causing trouble in the slums of Los Angeles. As daunting as his record seems, Day does not have violent intentions. His motives are much simpler: to provide for his family. His polar opposite is a girl named June Iparis who was born into the elite part of the city. Her older brother Metias provides for her and helps her in her training, since he is her only family left. June is a 15-year-old prodigy, an agent in training, with her brother as her lifeline. When her brother is killed, her life is shattered. The number one suspect in this crime is none other than Day. June sets out for answers and revenge, determined to stop at nothing to make her brother’s killer pay for what he did. June and Day meet unexpectedly and together, uncover a secret. This secret has been kept from all of the Republic’s citizens. The government will protect it at any cost, even the lives of its own people.

Legend is a dystopian novel that will hook you right away. From the beginning, you will be unable to put this book down. It is full of action, romance, and mystery, enough to satisfy every type of reader. As you race along with Day and June, you will find yourself holding your breath and waiting to find out what happens next. The pace of the book was very fast, so expect it to be a quick but exciting ride. The characters are funny, even in desperate situations. They are relatable. Their emotions are very well displayed and are contagious. Whenever June or Day was sad, I was sad. This was good because I was able to connect with both Day and June’s motivations. Their reasoning made sense to me and I was not left feeling confused, as in other books. I also love the description of the Republic and the futuristic setting, which was wonderfully explained. I was practically in the slums with them and experiencing their adventures and struggles for survival. I was pleased with the conclusion and hope that a sequel comes out! The only setback to this novel was that it was kind of predictable. Other than that, I would recommend this book to many people because it is both addicting and satisfying.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Karla and Kinsey Book Review Part I

Legend by Marie Lu
Review by Karla Accorto

This month Kinsey and I selected Legend by Marie Lu. Fifteen-year-old June is the Republic’s prodigy because she is the only one to have ever scored a perfect 1500 on the standardized test that decides each person’s fate after high school. She lives with older brother, Metias, a commander in the Republic’s prestigious military. Day is a boy of the same age, but that is where the similarities end. He is the Republic’s most-wanted criminal, but did he really commit the ultimate crime that he has been accused of: murdering Metias? Torn between protecting his family from a deadly plague and saving his own life, Day soon finds himself making critical decisions about his future. On the other hand, June soon finds herself motivated by revenge to find her brother’s killer. But along the way, she might just find herself falling for the very boy that is supposed to be off-limits. Together, she and Day will also discover some very startling truths about their government and how far they will go to protect their secrets.

At first glance, Legend appears to be just another Dystopian novel. However, the minute you read the first word, Legend sets itself apart from all of the rest. It is, simply put, a well-told adventure. The setting is completely believable, a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The characters are wonderfully crafted. The reader is taken on a rollercoaster of emotions and every train of thought is always easy to follow. I had a perfect mental picture of both Day and June in my head right from the start. The supporting characters also blew me away, such as Day’s brothers John and Eden, his friend Tess, June’s brother Metias, and his comrade Thomas. Each person was so believable and their motivations were crystal clear, which I loved as a reader. The story flowed perfectly; every scene had a purpose and there was no fluff. I never found myself confused or lost. The ending was tidy enough to satisfy me for the moment, but left enough loose ends for a sequel that I am eagerly anticipating.

My only complaint was that I was able to predict early on a big part of the “twist” in the plot. It is essentially given away in a few sentences, but it all depends on if the reader is paying attention. Other parts did keep me in suspense though, which I was extremely grateful for. Legend was most definitely a page turner.

This was a great selection for Kinsey and me because we both really enjoyed The Hunger Games and this is definitely in the same genre. It kept my full attention, and although Kinsey is not far into it yet, I’m sure it will keep hers. I’m looking forward to reading her review and hearing what she had to say about Legend. I am confident that she will love it just as much as I did. Marie Lu is an extremely talented writer. She knows how to deliver exactly what the reader is looking for and to keep them desperately wanting more. I would be thrilled to someday become half of the writer she is. I give Legend 5 stars most definitely and would recommend it for anyone looking for a fast-paced, exciting, romantic, and engaging read.