Saturday, February 19, 2011

Milkrun by Sarah Mlynowski

No spoilers.

Author: Sarah Mlynowski
Year of Publication: 2001
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 281
First Line: "Jerk. Jerk, jerk, jerk."
Summary: Of all the ways to find myself Single Again, this has to be the worst. A "Dear Jackie" e-mail from my supposed boyfriend, who claimed to be "finding himself" in Thailand. Instead, he's found someone else. And dumped me.

But I, Jackie Norris, will bounce back! I will become Crazy Dating Girl and prove to Jilting Jeremy that I am over him! One snag: Why do all the guys I meet either have groping hands, lunatic tendencies or a worrying interest in putting up shelves? I need a man who wants to rip my clothes off, feed me pizza, then have stimulating, intelligent conversation.

Single in Boston -- c'mon, there has to be someone!

Source: Back of book

Review: I love Mlynowski's voice. She is great at capturing 20-something city girls and her stories are creative and memorable. I felt she left the end of the story (as in the tying up) a little too late in the book (like, last page late), but in general I like how she ended it. I would love to see a sequel of this one, although I don't expect one.

Worst part: I'm not sure how I felt about the room mate character. She could have been done better.

Best part: Mlynowski's voice!

Grade: A-

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2 / 100 books. 2% done!

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