Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Exquisite Captive Book Review

Title: Exquisite Captive
Author: Heather Demetrios
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Teen Reviewer: Elisha Cutter

Review:The main character of Exquisite Captive is a princess genie named Nalia. War begins to break out in her country. The royal family gets murdered by lower level genies leaving Nalia to return peace back to their land. Nalia is on the run, due to being chased by the lower level genies, and is captured by humans. Nalia is taken to the human world where she is enslaved and purchased by a man named Malek. Nalia is used for one purpose by Malek: to grant wishes and use the genies power. For Nalia the only way to be free and escape is to have Malek complete his three wishes. Due to Malek's intelligence of understanding loopholes in wish cycle he will only make 2 out of 3 wishes. Nalia continuously tries to make Malek unknowingly make his last wish to set her free to end the war plaguing her country. In my opinion this book is awesome and everyone who likes fantasy books with a little action and adventure should read this book!! I really hope you love reading it just like I did. This is the first book to the Dark Caravan cycle. The second has not been released yet. I am definitely planning on reading the second. Hopefully After you read the Exquisite Captive you will watch out for the next cycle at your local library and book stores.

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