Saturday, April 15, 2017

Book Review: Left Handed Fate

Title: The Left-Handed Fate
Author: Kate Milford
Rating: 3/5
Teen Reviewer: Se Choi

Synopsis: Lucy Bluecrowne and Maxwell are aboard the Left-Handed Fate to find and build a machine that could end the war with the US. The US were allies with France, and Britain was alone. When the Left-Handed Fate was near The US, they were attacked by an american ship. There was a fierce battle but eventually, the americans won and took all of them as prisoners. The captain of the americans put Oliver as the prize-captain of the Left-Handed Fate. Oliver was only 12 years old but was still made the captain. As the new prize-captain and crew sailed out, they were stopped by a french ship that were asking for Max because they wanted the machine as well. Lucy recommended Oliver not to give in, so he let the prisoners join the prize-crew to escape and fight off the french ship. Then Oliver agreed to Lucy and Max to find the parts to this machine in a place called Flotilla. In Flotilla they put the ship in a secret dock and head out to find and make the parts to the machine. They met people that could make some parts of the machine, and also found some parts as well. But then the french caught up with Max and kidnapped him. But luckily he escaped. When Max made the machine he was horrified to see that it could almost think like a human. Max and the machine communicated by writing in strips of paper. But suddenly men in black suits came and threatened to kill Max if he used the machine to kill others. So Max changed the machine into a firework launcher. And when the french found out, they stopped hunting for Max.

Review: The book was slightly boring and confusing in the beginning, but every other part of the book was exciting and strange.

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