Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Magnus Chase: Ship of the Dead Book Review

Book: Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - The Ship of the Dead
Author: Rick Riordan
Teen Reviewer: Se Choi
Rating: 3/5 Stars

Synopsis: Loki is threatening humanity by bringing by bringing his undead soldiers and giants on to the Ship of the Dead and destroying the world. So to stop this threat, Magnus Chase gathers his friends and sails off to stop Loki and the giants. On the way, Magnus finds a way to defeat Loki by challenging Loki to a contest of insulting each other until one person is defeated. By drinking Kvasir’s Mead, Magnus would be able to gain incredible knowledge to defeat Loki. So, to get info on where the Mead is, they had to defeat multiple giants and a dragon. To get the mead itself, they had to kill more giants and run away to Niflheim to finally fight Loki, with help from a friend, they survived the cold conditions for the night. Being lent skies, they quickly rushed to fight Loki and his army on the doomsday boat before he could sail out and cause the end of the world. Because of Magnus’s effort and persistence, Loki loses a close battle of insults and is returned as captive to the other Norse gods.  The gods thank Magnus and his friends and they live a happy life.

Review: The author tries to entertain the reader with outdated humor and numerous cheesy jokes. It may have worked with his earlier books, but its lost its charm. Aside from the jokes, the plot itself is the same good old story from many of Rick Riordan’s books. The main character and his/her companions are faced with numerous and large problems, and they solve it and get rewarded by the mythical gods that needed their help. The novel is good... but repetitive from all the other books the author wrote.

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