Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Book Review: Solo

Title: Solo
Author: Kwame Alexander
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Teen Reviewer: Se Choi

Blade was born to a rich Rock Star, Rutherford Alexander. His father was an alcoholic and ruined his career for his reckless behavior. Because of this, being Rutherford’s son meant that Blade was also that bad in some people’s eyes. Only his girlfriend knew who he truly was. Even then, they were hiding their relationship from his girlfriend’s parents. Blade truly felt as though she was the only one that could support him. When his dad ruins a song that he was going to play in front of the school it leads him to fully loath and distrust his dad. He is also pressured by his sister “Storm” to respect and forgive Rutherford. Getting Storm mad for disrespecting their dad, she reveals that he was adopted. Torn apart, he stopped playing music and decided to look for his real mother. Finding that she was doing work in Africa, he books a plane ticket. Still angry, confused, and hurt he goes to his girlfriend for a shoulder to cry on but finds that she was with another guy. Now left with nothing, he leaves for Africa. There, he goes to the village where his mom is supposed to be, but finds that she is in the mountains for some time. There in the village, he meets a girl that he falls in love with. He spends time with the villagers and enjoys his time until his dad comes to the village to spread and generosity and let the public know that he’s a good person. After him promising to build a school and helping those in the village, Blade begins to trust and start loving him again. Rutherford comes with Blade to see his mother in the mountains. Apon meeting his mother, he accepts that Rutherford is his family and that music is his life.

I loved how the book is written in poems and songs but still has a good story, meaning and many surprises. You get to understand Blade’s thoughts and raw emotions because of the wonderful writing the author gave us in the form of lyric.

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