Thursday, January 21, 2010

Heaven Sent by Montre Bible

Major spoilers in "Review" section. It is pointed out before and after the spoiler, so you can read around it.

Heaven Sent
Author: Montre Bible
Year of Publication: 2005
Genre: Religious (Christian)
Pages: 281
First Line: "'Hurry! Get in the car!' She yells at the top of her lungs."

Summary: Andrew Turner seems like your average small-town teenager. He struggles with his grades; he helps his mother make ends meet; he longs for the prettiest girl in school to see him as more than a friend. But when his mother succumbs to a mysterious disease, this quiet teen discovers his life--and his family--are anything but ordinary. What are at first frightening visions reveal that he has spiritual gifts--and that his mother's illness is part of an unholy plan that will test his faith and everything he loves. Now an untried warrior in a centuries-old battle, Andrew must also deal with the pain and anger he feels about his long-lost father's sudden return and strive to rescue the unsaved brother he didn't know existed. And if he is to become am an and accept his extraordinary legacy, he must also stand strong in the Word and rely on God's almighty strength and unlimited love.

Source: Back of book

Review: You know, I hesitated getting this book. I picked it up once and then decided not to buy it and then I saw it again the next time and I bought it. Big mistake. I don't mind preachy-ness in Christian books. I understand that that's what they're all about. But when you write a book for the sole purpose of preaching and totally disregard the quality of the plot, characters and writing in general, that's just wrong. Characters were flat and pretty stupid, the plot was way underdeveloped and unfinished, and the writing style was obnoxious. One thing I found really annoying was, sometimes, the word "ass" would be written as "a**" other times, it would be fully spelled out. This happened with a few other words, as well.

The big scene at the end was stupid and SPOILER the character they made such a big deal about throughout the entire thing didn't even show up/END SPOILER. The last sentence threatens a sequel.

Seriously, unless you really want to be preached to and not even bother trying to read anything remotely enjoyable, don't come near this book.

Worst part: Gag me. Uh. . .probably the spoiler I mentioned above. The end of the build up didn't even equal the build up. Very poorly balanced.

Best part: I guess Courtney was okay. Probably the best part of the book, though totally unrealistic.

Grade: F

Other Books by This Author: None.

5 / 50 books. 10% done!

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