Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Perfect Elizabeth by Libby Schmais

Title: The Perfect Elizabeth
Author: Libby Schmais
Year of Publication: 2000
Genre: Romance, realistic
Pages: 228
First Line: "A phone is ringing in the distance."
Summary: This modern-day Sense and Sensibility is a witty story about two sisters: Liza, a would-be poet who spends miserable days as a legal secretary; and Bette, a graduate student writing her dissertation on Toast in the English Novel. Bette has taken to eating only what the characters is is writing about would eat: boiled eggs on toast, mincemeat, nice cups of tea...Liza's a bit concerned. She's also worried about the status of her relationship with her actor boyfriend, Gregor. They're not living together, and that's a problem.

Then there's the issue of Liza's career, or the lack thereof. Can dog-walking be considered a vocation? Liza's beginning to think so. Mercifully, Bette is merely a local phone call away.

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Review: This book was incredibly choppy. The author ended every paragraph with some action or even that was supposed to be super symbollic and telling which was just really annoying. In general, it was pretty bad. I felt like it was going nowhere the whole time. The characters weren't easy to be attached to, and the plot was boring. S&S happens to be my favorite Jane Austen book (so far) and I was super disappointed in this one.

Worst part: The choppiness was just horrendous. There would be three sentences and then a page break, three or four more, a page break, two paragraphs together, a page break. . .ugh.

Best part: I liked Tad. That's about it.

Grade: D

Other Books by This Author: Living Well with Cancer.

24 / 50 books. 48% done!

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