Monday, April 19, 2010

Trick of the Mind by Judy Waite

No spoilers.

Trick of the Mind
Author: Judy Waite
Year of Publication: 2003
Genre: YA
Pages: 263
First Line: "I never dreamed I'd hurt Matt, but everything got so muddled."
Summary: When Erin first sees Matt, she knows he's the one for her. Trouble is, Matt's got his eye on someone else. But Erin is willing to do whatever it takes to make Matt see her as more than a friend, including teaching him some of her precious magic tricks. With all his problems at home, Matt's glad to have a friend like Erin. So what if Erin thinks he's interested? He'll sort that out later.

But when Matt's world begins to crumble, it seems like Erin and her magic might be his last hope. Only, sometimes it's hard to believe in magic. Especially when reality turns really ugly. . .

Source: Back of book

Review: Ergh. *twitch* This book was like reading two different novels (not just because of the dual POV). Half-way through the book, I felt like I had suddenly started reading another novel. It wasn't very well written, totally unfocused, and with unlikable characters. The end was entirely inconclusive (cliff-hanger aside) and the book was generally disappointing. It's disjointed and takes forever to go anywhere, if at all. Definitely not worth the effort of reading it.

Worst part: The book seemed totally pointless, which annoys me to no end.

Best part: I liked the uh. . .pigeon. That's about it.

Grade: D-

Other Books by This Author: Shopoholic and Forbidden.

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