Monday, June 25, 2012

Teen Book Review: Evernight

Evernight by Claudia Gray
Reviewed by Kinsey Manchester
4/5 stars
Bianca Olivier is a typical shy teenage girl. Her parents have moved her from the small town she has lived in her whole life to a new school, Evernight Academy. Bianca’s parents have decided to teach at Evernight and so now Bianca must live and learn at this new eerie boarding school. She feels like an outsider in this group of kids, and the fact that she is painfully shy doesn’t help her make many friends. All the students at Evernight are rich, perfect, and snobby, except for Bianca and a few others. When Bianca meets and gets to know Lucas, another outsider, they instantly bond. She finally feels like a part of something when she is with Lucas and she begins to actually enjoy the school. Then, something alarming and unexpected happens. Dark pasts and secrets can now mean losing each other. Bianca questions everything she’s ever taught as her relationship begins to crumble.  When the situation becomes dangerous, Bianca’s parents find out, and action is taken. However, Bianca will fight anything to be with the one person who she connects with.

Evernight is a dark and addictive novel. It moves along pretty fast, which as a reader, I always enjoy. The book was wonderful and I found myself staying up way too late to finish chapters. The relationship between Bianca and Lucas was well-written and I thoroughly enjoyed the way they met. Bianca herself was a likable character, that is, her shyness and normality in a school of snobs was refreshing. I loved Bianca’s parents and thought that they were good additions to the book. They were always looking out for Bianca and proud of her in her best moments. Bianca’s roommate, Patrice, was fairly nice to her, which I was glad for. The whole book was realistic, even when the question of vampires and vampire hunters arose. The only thing that I really wasn’t fond of was the big secret that Bianca knew that wasn’t revealed in the first third of the book. Once something happens and the secret can’t be denied, Bianca says that she knew about it all along. She played along with the people questioning the school’s structure when the whole time she actually knew why it was so creepy. It totally bugged me that for a while. She acted like she didn’t know anything. The ending, though, was a perfect set-up for a second book,  and I can’t wait to read it! I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance or the supernatural stories. 4 out of 5 stars!

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