Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Book Review: Bull

Title: Bull
Author: David Elliott
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Teen Reviewer: Se Choi

Poseidon helped Minos become king of Crete, but when Poseidon sends a milk white bull for Minos to sacrifice, Minos keeps the bull and sacrifices a different bull. Then Pasiphae decides to have a baby with the bull. That leads to her baby having a bull head and the dislike of  King Minos. Pasiphae named the bull boy Asterion and loved him dearly. But the King and his subjects did not like the boy and called him a freak of nature. King Minos eventually locked him inside a stable where he could not be seen. Because of the absence of Asterion, Pasiphae eventually went delirious. Ariadne, the King’s daughter, pitied Asterion and comforted him when he was alone. When Androgeos, the King’s most successful son was killed in Athens, he ordered Daedalus to build a maze for several Athenian children to go into and die in. One of them was Theseus, which was very eager to go into the maze and kill Asterion. Asterion was the centerpiece of the maze, his job was to kill anyone that came his way, he was also given the name “Minotaur”. Theseus killed the Minotaur and returned to Athens with glory and deserted Ariadne on a deserted island to die, while Daedalus tried to escape Crete with his son, by building wings but he died, and Asterion died in a very gory way. And Poseidon was the one that caused all of this to happen. Finally, he killed Androgeos.

This novel is very similar to the myth “The Minotaur” but is very modernized(which means a fair amount of swear words). It is a very short read but is very amusing and fun.

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