Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Title: One of us is Lying
Author: Karen M. McManus
Rating 5/5 Stars
Teen Reviewer: Se Choi

When Simon, Cooper, Nate, Addy and Bronwyn were stuck in detention for being wrongly accused of having their phones in their bags(the phones in their bags weren't theirs), Simon died because of a peanut allergy reaction from a cup of water. There were no epi-pens in the nurse’s office so he could not be saved. The four kids were questioned and were all suspects of Simon’s murder. Simon was the creator of a local gossip app and all four of them had secrets that Simon was about to post on his app. Cooper’s secret was that he was cheating on his girlfriend, Nate’s was that his mother was in a rehab center for a coke addiction. Addy was also cheating on her boyfriend, and Bronwyn cheated on a test(she was a very smart person and was going to Yale so this was very serious). When all their secrets were opened to the public by the police, they were being convicted of murder and were cast out of social groups they used to be in. Cooper, Nate, Addy, and Bronwyn were constantly harassed by police and were taunted at school. The problem at their High School had grown into nationwide news. Then after many days of answering questions for investigators and avoiding news reporters, Nate was arrested by the anxious police. The police was worried about constant angry responses to the fact that they released the secrets of the four. ::SPOILER:: Then the remaining three proved the police wrong by finding out (with proof) that Jake, Addy’s boyfriend put the peanut oil in Simon’s cup of water and put the epi-pens away and that Simon made the plan to kill himself and bring four kids down with him. Simon did this because the four kids were famous, smart, and attractive but they took that for granted. So he worked with Jake to frame them.

The ending to this story was very unexpected, and Simon’s master plan of his death was very smart and decisive. When you think it would be any of the four that would be guilty, it is someone else. The tense moments of the novel were a great experience.

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