Friday, July 21, 2017

Book Review: Most Dangerous

Title: Most Dangerous
Author: Steve Sheinkin
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Teen Reviewer: Se Choi

As tensions rise in North and South Vietnam, American government Decided to assist South Vietnam. But as American troops ambush rice paddies and bomb the North, they don’t seem to make a difference in the war. The North’s elaborate strategies make the war seem endless for the US. And in the US, civilians are also upset about the government’s ambush on North Vietnam and the danger inflicted on the people of Vietnam. Because they were criticized by their people, the US Government decided to hide real facts and operations going on in war-torn Vietnam. At that time Daniel Ellsberg was working at the Pentagon and knew that the war in Vietnam was not as successful as the Government said it was. So he traveled to Vietnam and experienced the truth: that American military maneuvers in Vietnam were stagnant and turning very unpleasant for the Americans. Daniel Ellsberg then found himself trapped in two loyalties. One to the government he worked for, and one to citizens like himself. But as the war went on, Daniel decided to copy pages of classified information and deliver them to newspaper companies all over the US. Then, all the people knew the truth about the things that were happening in Vietnam. They learned that the US wasn’t winning the war. But it all didn’t stop there. The government took Ellsberg to court. They even ransacked several places to find information of Daniel’s wrongdoings. But after a tiresome trial, Daniel Ellsberg got away with all the convictions that were brought against him. After the government lost the fight, they gave up and left him alone. Later, the US agreed to leave Vietnam alone and the war ended in defeat.

 Most Dangerous shows the heroism of Daniel Ellsberg. He stole documents from his government for the greater good of his people. He helped end the doomed fight in Vietnam so that lives would be saved, but he did it by breaking the law. As Steve Sheinkin tells this story, he adds many facts and details that make the novel trustworthy and interesting.

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