Thursday, July 13, 2017

Book Review: Red Rising

Title: Red Rising
Author: Pierce Brown
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Teen Reviewer: Se Choi

On Mars, a hardworking type of human named Reds lived to drill the soil to find a certain gas to make Mars habitable for humans. The Reds wore suits that contain everything inside it, and they slave all day to serve the uppercolors without hesitation. Darrow was a gas miner, and he had a wife that started to rebel against the upppercolors. But one day, the uppercolors found out she was rebelling, so they hanged her in front of the ArchGovernor and in front of Darrow and the community. Then Darrow, thoroughly distraught, did something rebellious for his wife and got himself hanged. But he woke up and found himself alive because the Sons of Ares resurrected Darrow with high tech equipment.

The Sons of Ares was a terrorist group that was against the rule of the Golds. The Sons of Ares showed Darrow the cities the Golds had made and how they were telling the Reds lies. They turned Darrow into a Gold through the use of technology and training. Then, the Sons of Ares sent him to an academy where he was first tested his smartness and physical health. Then he was ordered to kill one of the Golds that did not do well on the test. The Gold he killed happened to be the younger brother of Cassius, the son of a rival of the ArchGovernor and a friend that he made. He decided to keep this a secret. The institute he tested for was not the normal school with classes and tests, but a huge game with seven houses. Darrow and Cassius quickly became leaders of House Mars until Cassius found out that Darrow killed his brother. Then he was left for dead by Cassius and survived to make an army of his own and eventually win the game. He was immediately claimed by the ArchGovernor and was promised a bright future.

The book was packed with action and has a very creative storyline. The novel also tells us that even the weakest and smallest can rise up to the top. The explosive action and the meaningful purpose of the book makes it perfect.

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