Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Book Review: The Exo Project

Title: The Exo Project
Author: Andrew Deyoung
Teen Reviewer: Se Choi
Rating: 4/5 Stars

The planet earth is ruined by pollution and the fragile ozone layer is destroyed. Now the planet is being baked in the heat and people have to wear protective suits so they won’t fry up. But a new idea was made to save the people on earth: the Exo Project. Participants that signed up will be frozen in time and travel to other planets to find a habitable planet for the people on earth. If they fail to find such a planet, they will have to take a pill that will kill them. 

Matthew is a participant. He is doing this so the human race will live on. When reaching the planet, he and his team of two people find trouble, as the world is habitable but occupied with other beings that look like humans. But when a member of his team fires a gun at two alien children, the people of the planet dislike the strangers. As the people are thinking this, their leader Kiva thinks otherwise. She welcomes them to their village, which sparks rebellion against her. As tensions rise, Matthew has the choice to tell mission control that the planet is habitable or save the kind village people from extinction. 

Otherwise, the earth people of earth would overtake them. 
The solution becomes clear when he finds that the planet is also near to death, but when someone did the right thing, the planet became beautiful once more. He believed that Earth will become better in the same way and that people can adapt. So after they announce to mission control that the mission failed, he sends the ship away and lives with Kiva for the rest of his life.

The novel is very enjoyable to read because the story captures your mind. It keeps you from putting down the book until you're done reading more than half of it.

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