Friday, November 17, 2017

Book Review: Running Full Tilt

Title: Running Full Tilt
Author: Michael Currinder
Teen Reviewer: Se Choi
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Synopsis: Leo had moved from Manchester because his brother, Caleb, had autism and caused trouble in the neighborhood there. But after they moved, Caleb began to become more violent and attacked Leo if he was irritated. When this happened, Leo took Caleb to the pool or ran away from the house for long periods of time. Running helped him escape Caleb but also he liked the feeling of running. So when school started, he joined the track team. On that team, he met a friend named Curtis that understood him and also taught him how to run properly. He also met a girl named Mary that emotionally supported him. With Caleb, they won several races together. Back at home, Caleb began to have seizures and his parents continued to fight with each other caused by the stress coming from taking care of Caleb. One day, seeing that Leo ran outside constantly, Caleb decided to start running himself. Hour after hour Caleb ran long-distance to be like Leo. Caleb continued to randomly attack Leo but he always forgave him. But later, Caleb drowned because of a seizure that he had while swimming in a pool. Leo did not go to school for a week but spent it with Mary and his grandparents. While fishing, he felt as though Caleb was right next to him when looking at the water’s reflection. Thinking of Caleb, Leo thought that they departed from each other on good terms.

Review: Although Caleb seemed to be a burden to Leo and his parents, at the near end of Caleb’s life, Leo saw that Caleb was important to him. This realization that Leo has is the best part of the novel. Caleb’s end is a realization to Leo that Caleb wasn’t a burden but a true part of his family.

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