Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cupid by Julius Lester

Minimal spoilers.

Author: Julius Lester
Year of Publication: 2007
Genre: YA
Pages: 196
First Line: "A long time ago, when Time was still winding its watch and Sun was trying to figure out which way was east and which way was west, there was a king and queen."

Summary: Cupid is the god of love and a tireless maker of mischief. When he breaks out his bow and quiver, nobody's safe. Sleepless nights, embarrassing poetry, nausea...What could be more fun? Only, perhaps, seeing the god of love humbled with a little heartache of his own.

(Source: Back of book)

Review: This book wasn't too bad. I'm usually not into Greek/Roman mythology, but I picked this up because who doesn't love love? The ages say for 12+, but really, I think it should be more like 15 because there's a lot of talk about sex and stuff. I adored the narrator of this book. While the narrator was never given a name (and I wish he had...but there is a short afterward by Lester that explains some), he was incredibly witty and very funny. The title is slightly misleading because, while I didn't count, I'd risk saying that the book is more about Psyche than Cupid. Or, even, more about their relationship than just Cupid.

So if you're interested in good narrators (not necessarily just authors--narrators are different), mythology or just looking for something a little different, pick this book up.

Worst part: There were some parts of the book I felt were unnecessary and sort of made it longer than it had to be. It's not a really long book but there were parts where I felt like I had been reading for too long.

Best part: Like I said, the narrator was so funny.

Grade: B-

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