Thursday, December 31, 2009

To Catch A Pirate by Jade Parker

Minor spoilers.

To Catch a Pirate
Author: Jade Parker
Year of Publication: 2007
Genre: YA
Pages: 226
First Line: "Annalisa Townsend didn't know which terrified her more: the razor-sharp edge of the dagger pressed against her throat or the ruthless glare of the pirate who'd shoved her against the harsh words, "Hold your tongue or I'll remove it."

Summary: When Annalisa Townsend's ship is set upon by pirates in search of her father's treasure, one of the crew, James Sterling, discovers her in the hold. When he moves to take her necklace, she begs him not to, as it is all she has left of her mother. He accepts a kiss in exchange for the necklace. "A fair trade, m'lady," He tells her afterward, before disappearing.

A year later, with a forged letter of marque, Annalisa is intent on hunting down the wretched James Sterling and reclaiming her father's treasure from him. But now she's in danger of him stealing something far more valuable this time: her heart.

(Source: Back of book)

Review: I wasn't expecting a whole lot from this book and it filled my expectation. The plot was pretty undeveloped and the characters were fairly flat. The writing style was odd, but I can't tell you how. It's really short though and has some pretty sweet moments, despite the cliche-ness of the book in general. Parker isn't great at involving other characters besides the main ones, either. Probably worth a read if you've got a night to spare, though.

Worst part: There were some unnecessary plot twists including a betrayal.

Best part: The fluff. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love fluff.

Grade: C

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Other notes: Jade Parker is a pseudonym for Rachel Hawthorne.

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